Duration: 15 Days (Dhaka to Dhaka basis)

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Explore Bangladesh's Hidden Gems:

From the bustling streets of Dhaka to the serene beauty of the Sundarbans mangrove forest, our guided tours offer a comprehensive glimpse into the heart and soul of Bangladesh. With our expertly curated itineraries, you'll have the opportunity to:

Experience the vibrant colors and flavors of Bangladesh's bustling markets and street food scene with Bangladesh tourism company's packages

Discover the awe-inspiring architecture of historic landmarks such as the Lalbagh Fort and the Sixty Dome Mosque.

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh through traditional music, dance, and art.

Explore the pristine natural beauty of Bangladesh's national parks, including the Sundarbans and Lawachara National Park.

Embark on thrilling adventures such as hiking, river rafting, and wildlife safaris in the remote corners of Bangladesh. Contact us 


Day 1: Arrival in Dhaka

Arrive at Dhaka Airport, greeted by our representative

Transfer to a luxurious 5-star hotel for check-in and relaxation

Evening at leisure to explore the city's vibrant ambiance

Day 2: Dhaka City Tour

Begin the day with a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel

Guided tour of Old Dhaka's historic sites: Lalbagh Fort, Ahsan Manzil (Pink Palace), and Dhakeshwari Temple

Visit bustling markets and experience the traditional rickshaw ride

Fine dining experience at a renowned restaurant in the evening

Day 3: Dhaka to Barisal

Morning departure for Barisal via a private luxury vehicle

Arrival in Barisal and check-in at a lavish riverside resort

Relish a river cruise along the picturesque canals and floating markets

Enjoy a delectable dinner with local culinary delights

Day 4: Barisal Sightseeing

Explore the serene backwaters and traditional villages

Interact with local communities and experience their unique lifestyle

Photography opportunities amid the beautiful countryside

Indulge in a lavish dinner at the resort

Day 5: Barisal to Chittagong

Travel to Chittagong by a comfortable private transfer

Check-in at a luxurious hotel and unwind

Evening free for leisure or optional exploration of the city

Day 6: Chittagong City Tour

Visit the Ship Breaking Yard for a unique photographic experience

Explore the vibrant bazaars, Railway Station, and Potenga Sea Beach

Fine dining experience at a top-notch restaurant

Day 7: Chittagong to Cox's Bazar

Transfer to Cox's Bazar in a private luxury vehicle

Check-in at a prestigious beachfront 5-star resort

Leisure time to enjoy the stunning Cox's Bazar beach

Day 8-10: Relaxation and Exploration in Cox's Bazar

Free days for leisure, beach activities, and rejuvenation

Optional excursions to Himchari, Inani Beach, and St. Martin's Island

Indulge in luxurious spa treatments and beachside dining experiences

Day 11: Cox's Bazar to Bandarban

Travel to Bandarban in comfort via a private transfer

Check-in at an exclusive hillside resort

Evening relaxation amidst the tranquil mountainous surroundings

Day 12-13: Bandarban Exploration

Explore Bandarban's picturesque landscapes and tribal villages

Visit Golden Temple, Nilachal, and Bawm Villages for cultural insights

Luxury dining experiences and relaxation at the resort

Day 14: Bandarban to Dhaka

Return to Dhaka in a private luxury vehicle

Check-in at a 5-star hotel for a comfortable stay

Day 15: Departure from Dhaka

Breakfast at the hotel

Transfer to Dhaka Airport for your departure flight


Luxury accommodations (5-star hotels/resorts)

Gourmet meals at premium restaurants

Comfortable private transportation throughout the tour

Experienced English-speaking tour guides

All entry fees, permissions, and taxes included


Personal expenses and gratuities

Price: $2500 per person

This itinerary is designed to provide a luxurious and comprehensive experience of Bangladesh's diverse culture, natural beauty, and hospitality.